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    Question keep the apps stay in front of the desktop
    Hi mac users,

    How do u keep an application stay in front of the desktop?


    Im doing my work using microsoft word and at the same time i m chatting with my fren with adium...

    but the problem is, when i click on the microsoft word, the adium apps will disappear and when i want to chat, i need to re-get the apps from the desktop..

    my point is: u tried using skype video call? the video will stay in front of all apps on the desktop no matter what we are doing on other apps..

    so, can i do the same thing to any messenger?

    help me..

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    You can't do that for all applications it depends on the applications preferences. However with Adium you can.
    1. go to the Adium Menu
    2.go to preferences
    3. go to advance
    4. click on contact list
    5. and where it says 'Show contact list' choose 'Above other windows'

    However I'm not sure about other applications such as skype.

    You could use Expóse to quickly switch between apps. You can also set hot corners to active Expóse. Its very easy to use and quick.
    Vikram Shah

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