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Thread: Finally got it!

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    Cool Finally got it!
    :cool: Well finally got my 12" powerbook, and man do I love it. I've never had much experince with macs before but I won't regret the switch, this thing is sweet, I was a little worried about the screen being too small to run photoshop nicely but I really like it. Man this thing is sweet.

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    congrats man! hopefully i'll be posting a similar thread soon when i get my iBook!! glad you like it... im hearing lots of people that have switched to the OS X and love it.

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    Congrats on your purchase, man! I have a 12" PB and it is AWESOME! So I know how you feel

    Enjoy your new machine

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    Congratulations! The 12" PB definitely is sweet. I just recently got one myself. :cool:

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    Congratz Yo! :alien:

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    I've had my 12" pb for about a month now and it is the best computer I've ever used!

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    I'll echo the above sentiments

    BTW your avatar is really, really distracting lol

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    ooh.. very nice very nice. i'm planning on getting a 12" myself too - but during xmas holidays.. how do you find that lil' fella.. screen wise - personally i always thought 12" would be small.. but considering that the res is 1024 x 768 its pretty decent.. you mentioned you use photoshop.. do you find that the app seems to "cramped" with all the palettes on screen.. and at this res..

    btw i have my mon set to 1280 x 1024.. so its big step to go that small

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