Hi guys,

So i finally went out and bought Leopard the other day and installed it late last night...i read on an article on the internet that if i copy the mailbox folder from Library\Mail\Mailboxes onto any external storage unit, i could then copy it straight back into the same place once i'd installed Leopard, and all the messages would be back to normal. The copying all went fine, however, and the mailboxes all show up in Mail.app however the messages arent there. If i got to Library\...\Mailboxes then open a particular mailbox all my messages are inside and i can open them up and read them easily enough. I can then go to 'Message, Move To, then select a mailbox' this creates a duplicate in the finder folder, but means the message is now showing in mail.app. Is there a quicker way to do this because i have several hundred e-mails and to do this for all of them would take a massive amount of time.

Thanks in advance,