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    Latin American keyboard
    I just purchased my first iMac, but am frustrated because the only two keyboards listed for Spanish are one called "Spanish", which I guess must be a Spain keyboard and a Spanish ISO keyboard, who knows from where????

    I am an author and teacher and write a lot in Spanish, but my primary language is English, so I did not want to buy a Spanish keyboard.

    On my PC i was able to choose a Spanish keyboard from 19 different countries and the keyboard was selectable by a small EN or ES on the bottom bar.

    The problem with the two options I have found so far on the iMac is that they map the keys totally different from what I am accustomed to for a Latin American keyboard. With such a high learning curve for learning how to use the iMac I really would prefer not to have to relearn my keyboard all over again.

    Does anyone know how to get any Spanish keyboard configuration other than the two available under System Preferences, International ?

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    i want to know the same thing...


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