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    How do I change the look of Safari
    Im sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this issue. Im new and don't really know much about this place.

    Ok so I really don't like that brushed metal look in Safari. In iTunes though I have this nice look. Here's how it looks:

    I like that dark grey look. Is there a way I can make Safari look like that as well? BTW Im using Tiger.

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    Have you upgraded to Safari 3.1? I think the newest versions have that look - at least they do in Leopard.
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    Nevermind. I found a program called UNO which did exactly what I wanted.

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    3.1 in Tiger still has the brushed metal look

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    Leopard brought a new unified look.

    If your machine is a G4 867Mhz or better, I would recommend upgrading.

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