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Thread: Finding my MacBook Pro specifications

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    Finding my MacBook Pro specifications
    I am brand new to the world of Mac, so I will appreciate your patience with my dumb questions. My first question (of many to come) is how I can find the specifications of my machine? In other words, it looks like most people put their MacBook Pro specs in their signature line, and I don't even know how to find that information. I inherited this machine from my boss, so I don't have any of the original paperwork.

    I am used to right-clicking on My Computer in Windows. Anything similar on the Mac?

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    1. Click the apple logo and then "About this Mac". Then click more information if you would like.

    2. Go into system preferences and then click keyboard and mouse. Then click trackpad. Then click enable secondary click. Now when you want to right click...tap the trackpad with two fingers.

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    If you hold the option key when you click on the apple you can just then click on 'System Profiler'
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    Wow - that was fast. Thanks a lot.

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    hi can you help me please..
    im having trouble with the same thing.
    but the my more info button is like unable to be selected.
    please help me . thank you..

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    Mactracker is always a cool source of info about your Mac as well...and there is an iPhone app now too!

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    You can also do the following to get a massive amount of detail about your mac model from apple by doing; Apple Logo - About this Mac - More Info - Support(grayed in button top right) - Specifications

    This will link you to to a page that tells you everything about your Mac, and i mean everything.

    Hope thats useful

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    It might have been if you'd posted that 3 years ago.

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