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    My Terminal is messed up.
    Hey I need some help. I downloaded *****X for OS X and ran it by double clicking the file in finder. It then of course opened Terminal and ran it. Now whenever I quit terminal and launch the terminal again, *****x automatically starts up! I deleted *****X and now when I start terminal it says *****X process not found then its like process finished and that's it. If I click on new shell it does the same thing. How can I fix this???

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    If you can't run any commands while this is happening Start by repair permissions. Close all apps and log totally off. Log on, go in Finder, Applications. Utilities, Disk Utility select volume, repair permissions. Also you may going in user > library > preferences and see if there are any pref files for *****x and trash those If you can run commands, type top in terminal and see whats running. My guess if process not found *****x wont be there. I would try ls (list, just l and s) and look for any *****x files and rm to remove them Be very careful with the rm commnd!

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    Just tried that still doesn't work

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    Open terminal...goto preferences. Make sure "Execute this command..." or "Open saved .term file" are not checked. Look for .term files in your home folder (use ls -la to see hidden files).

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    If you just deleted this program called *****X, did you also delete its Pref file too? Also, if Terminal has a pref file you could delete that too. Others please correct me, but if you delete a prefs file for an existing program shouldn't that be rebuilt after rebooting the computer.

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    If yo mean files in the preferences folder, then I believe that would be true.
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    I fixed it, I didn't realize there were 2 preference folders, I kept going to Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences, but it was under my username, then library, preferences etc.

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    ahhh i need help too lol... I followed the ~/home/library/prefrences but from there i couldent find any file associating with *****x ? i havent deleted the files in my bin folder but am trying to see if i could just eliminate the auto start but keep *****x...

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    Aight guys everyone who dident get it like me delete everything and then look for a file by the name of and delete it...your terminal works now...

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