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    Do most softwares work with the new iMac
    I was thinking of buying an iMac, but most people say most softwares don't work with apple systems. Is this so?

    ...And, how much would it cost me to have a mac with both mac os x and windows on it.

    Thank you.

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    It costs about $90 CDN ($60 online) to buy Parallels and if you already have XP then you are good to go for a windows installation. You will also need to up the Ram to a min of 3GB and 4 is better.

    Some old versions of Mac software will not load onto the new iMacs. They will run but not install. What programs are you wanting to use?

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    Well, they are probably saying that there is less software for OS X.

    That may be true, but most of the major programs have a mac version, and there is plenty of shareware and freeware that are quality products.

    You do not say what sort of software you expect to need?

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    Need Help...
    I am planning on getting an iMac , but I used to have a Dell with Windows XP, so I have a lot of questions.

    First of all, are most games and software compatible with Mac, like my son's "Backyard Baseball" game for the computer?

    Second, could I use this Maxtor with an iMac - See Link

    And Lastly, do my tax softwares, like TurboTax, compatible with an iMac.

    Also, please give any likes or dislikes about your iMac if you have one.

    Thank you, and please reply!

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    Software compatibility varies from program to program so you will have to check and see if the games are compatible.

    The link you posted for bestbuy does not come up however i know that maxtor drives work with macs as i own one.

    i believe that TurboTax is supported by apple

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    Well, for starters, this thread will be moved. It should go in the "Switchers hangout" for further reference.

    Alot of software that you may be used to using my not have Mac compatible versions. Alot of them will, but some may not. But there is alot of good software out there to replace those programs for the Mac. As far as your sons game, I did a google search, and didnt find any Mac versions.

    You can use nearly any HD you want, but you may have to reformat it. It even says "Compatible with Mac and PC" on the bottom of the product description of the HD you sited.

    As for turbotax, I found this. So it looks like your all clear in that regards.

    The iMac is a good machine. But you may have to get used to using a new operating system. I would recommend visiting an Apple store and checking one out. Good luck

    [Edit] Also, the link to the iMac isnt working. Just brings up a blank screen
    Its time to go...

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    NOTE: Merged cross-post and moved thread. Not just anything goes in Anything Goes.
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    Actually if you already have a xp disc it is free to put on your mac because the imac comes with boot camp, so if your son wanted to play any game he already has he could load onto windows and play it that way so. but if your question is can you run a windows app on mac without it being loaded into windows the answer is a No.... I use windows on my macbook for autocad so it is possible to use either operating system on a mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by wodofspit View Post

    And Lastly, do my tax softwares, like TurboTax, compatible with an iMac.
    Yes, Turbo Tax is available for Mac. I used it this year and it worked like a champ.

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