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    mac software question
    My wife has just informed me that when I get my litter of puppies sold I can go and get my 8 core mac pro. Up to this point while I have been gathering my pennies toward this purchase I have been doing a bit of research here and there.

    My newest question that I haven't been able to find and answer to on my own is in reference to installing software applications ( especially those with both windows and mac versions [read adobe] ).

    I have the windows version of Adobe master collection CS3. I have heard a rumor ( that I have been unable to confirm or prove wrong) that the instillation media will work for both platforms. If this is untrue what are my options? If it is true, will my VERY EXPENSIVE current license code be any good to me?

    if push comes to shove I can suck it up and just use the software on my windows box or play the dual boot game, I just don't want to go there unless I have to.
    who knows, with a pair of quad core xenons maybe windows won't run that bad on it

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Call Adobe and ask if you can transfer the license. Never know, they may either allow it, or charge a small nominal fee for it. Their stuff costs enough that I bet it's not an uncommon request
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    Adobe will allow you to 'cross-grade' from the Windows version of your software to the Mac version. You need to contact Adobe Support and then complete a form confirming that you have destroyed your Windows copy of the software. Upon receipt of this confirmation, Adobe will then supply you with the Mac version (which will include a new serial number). The only cost involved is shipping for the new Mac disks.

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