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Thread: Help!!! can't use help

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    Help!!! can't use help
    Something weird has happened. All of a sudden, when I click on help in the upper menu in finder, help flashes on for about 1/2 second then goes away! Hey, I'm new on a mac, I need some help once and a while okay.
    Has anybody a clue as to what I did or whats up here???

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    How does help respond when clicked in an app, like itunes 4 example? or is it only in the finder?

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    Repair permissions, it should clear it up. Or run a maintence app like Xupport.

    I had a similar problem with my help feature - it would take about 15 minutes to load a page. I ran a few maintenance apps like Xupport, and it seemed to clear it up.

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    Works fine in other apps like mail, itunes etc. Did a reboot, repair permissions, can't figure it out. I can see it open for just a sec then goes away. Craziest thing!

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