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    there is a thread about iphoto and it is running 4 pages long. I personally like iphoto for what it is and for what it does. BUT I only have 60-80 photos on my mac.
    I pull my pics from my pc via jump drive and load on computer. How I dont know. where they go I dont know. they are in iphoto! The other thread says there is a duplication of all of them unless you turn it off in iphoto. if that is the case where are my dups? if they are somewhere are they the master or are the ones in iphoto the master?

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    They are all contained within the iPhoto library file. Unless you relocated it, it should be in your "Pictures" folder. If you want to see the contents of it, right-click (control + click) on the library and select "Show Package Contents".

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    I thank you for that but lets start so I can follow all the way from start to finish.
    Are they in two places? .....Yes/no.......
    open iphoto and click events or photos and you will see them there set up in dif format as to what you migt need.......
    HEY I GOT THAT great........
    Are they in any other place stored as Master vs non master? Is one or more photos takeing up more space then just the original photo size?

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