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    Slide view instead of notes view in PowerPoint?
    Hey everyone, another question. I have Office 2004. On PowerPoint for PC you have the option to view slide view or notes view. In slide view, you have your big slide your working on open and in the left column beside it it shows all of your slides as thumbnails so you can move around slides and such. By default for some reason PowerPoint for Mac has it in notes view. It's a similar view but instead of showing thumbnails of the actual slides it shows the writing on the slides and you can't quickly press up or down to switch slides. How on earth do I switch to slide view on the side? I can't figure it out! Thanks!

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    Microsoft are a bit stupid sometimes aren't they? I've had a good look around and I can't find it at all either! Silly complicated software!

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    I know what a pain. I'm sorry, but I'm IN LOVE with my powerbook. I just did a presentation at school I can't believe how cool it is, you plug it into the podium for the projector, view the show and my powerbook shows all my notes and a timer! Was so cool!!!!

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