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    How to uninstall drivers/apps?
    I need some basic understanding how to uninstall drivers and applications on Mac. I believe I have gotten myself in mess, because I don´t know how to uninstall properly.

    I had Logitech MX400 and it´s drivers installed. Then I "uninstalled" the driver writing "Logitech" in the Finder and deleting 3 files it found. I thought the drivers were uninstalled, but apparently they weren´t...

    I installed Steermouse and thought it wasn´t working quite it was suppose to. Then I noticed there was somekind of "error report" in System Preferences--->Steermouse, that logitech driver wasn´t uninstalled and it opened a window for me were I could uninstall the "Logitech Control Center"... and so I did.

    Then I noticed all sorts of problems.
    1. Every restart I get "Bluetooth Mouse Assistant saying, that no mouse is connected". But if I wait awhile or unplug and plug in again my new G5 mouse from the apple keybords USB port, it goes away.
    Now this has happened to me before, even with the Mighty Mouse and Logitech MX400. So I´ve been wondering if the Apple keybord´s USB port is broken or something. (Because the Apple keybord doesn´t seem a quality product to me like the Mighty Mouse).

    2. Steermouse settings slows down suddenly. I adjusted the settings to fast (I like it that way), but all the sudden the mouse stopped working fast, although the settings stayed the same. This happened couple of times when I rebooted.

    I made five reboots. (PC trauma dejavus coming back to me! ) And after this final reboot I think everythings stabilized and the Steermouse settings stays the same. But I´m worried, that at the next boot I´m gonna have that Bluetooth mouse thing or Steermouse won´t work anymore...

    So please, can anyone help me with these problems? Information would be much appreciated!

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    I have that same mouse

    ok if you click on system preferances is there a Logitech Control Center icon at the bottom. If so then you need to get rid of that im guessing. If I were you I would also look in your applications folder for Logitech stuff to uninstall. If you finish that I would try to reinstall the new mouse, then run normal maintainance operations (disk utility, etc). Thats my best guess.

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    If you continue to have problems, reinstall the software, download an application called AppTrap. Simply drag the Logitech application to the trash and all files/preferences will be deleted.

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    ok if you click on system preferances is there a Logitech Control Center icon at the bottom. If so then you need to get rid of that im guessing.
    Yes that icon disapperead after my "first Finder uninstallation", but I guess it wasn´t fully uninstalled, because there wouldn´t have been the "report" in Steermouse, that Logitech still exists.

    Now after last time, I´ve had two times when Steermouse stopped working suddenly, but after reboot it works again. This is really weird. There are no Logitech drivers on my machine. And most of the time the Steermouse works. But I want to know everything is alright.

    One time I had the "Bluetooth Assistant" appearing again in startup and "not finding a mouse", but after awhile it goes away. Is there a way to turn off the Bluetooth? I don´t need it.

    I reinstalled the Steermouse, ´cause it just kept suddenly not working (slowing down). But after the reinstall I got that Bluetooth thing again and after 5 minutes the Steermouse stopped working again.

    Now this thing has "stabilized" to a point where:
    1. Every restart the Steermouse works, but after five minutes it stops working (the cursor movement slows down drastically).
    2. Every shutdown and then starting the Mac I get that Bluetooth Assistant saying "cannot find a mouse on your system" and the cursor won´t move at all. But after about 30 seconds it finds the mouse and it works again for 5 minutes until it doesn´t...

    This is really annoying, please someone help!

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