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Thread: iBook questions...

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    iBook questions...
    I just got my iMac G5 20" and want to also get an iBook with bluetooth. If i use bluetooth items, such as another keyboard and mouse with the iBook will the wireless mouse/keyboard on my iMac go all nuts becuase there are two sets on my desk?
    and two:
    How much difference in computing power is there between an iBook that with 800mhz vs one running at 1ghz considering ram is the same in both. I am looking on ebay and the apple store and am not sure how this will affect the performance of the system.
    and lastly:
    How does the computing power of a G4 with 256mb ram compare to that of PC laptop with 1gz intel celeron and 512mb of ram?
    I bought one apple...and now I need another!!..thanks for your input!

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    The wireless mouse and keyboards shouldnt interfere with each other, and as for the ibook question, it depends on what youll be using the ibook for, if youre using it for surfing the internet and typing up papers, theres no discernable difference, if youre running video editing apps, or 3d/graphic design apps, there will be a small difference, but it also depends a lot on the front bus speed. :mac:

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