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Thread: What the. . .?

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    What the. . .?
    Hi all. . .

    I've owned a PowerBook G4 for about 3 months now and absolutely love it.

    One small problem though. There's a small aqua 'disk' on my desktop, about the size of a dime. I can move it around with the mouse and when clicked, it seems to flatten and darken any windows that are on the desktop. Exactly like 'expose' acts when you hit the F10 key.

    I don't remember downloading anything that would have put this on my desktop and I CAN'T GET RID OF IT. It doesn't respond to a ctrl click or a cmd click or anything but a regular click, at which time it just flattens and darkens the open windows.

    Any ideas as to what this little bugger is? I WANT IT OUTTA HERE.

    Thanks, cyclist

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    Could you take a screen shot of it so we can see?

    Go to the Activity Monitor (Applications/Utilities) and see if there is anything that looks out of the ordinary
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    You have "expose blob" enabled in ony x. Just uncheck it in the dock prefrences.
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    i think it's just that expose blob you see. uncheck that radio box and it should be gone.

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    Sure. . .here's the screenshot.

    and thanks for the suggestions, but I can't find any radio button for expose' anywhere. Preferences just gives me choices of hot keys and hot corners, but no button to turn it on or off. And there is nothing in the dock preferences for expose' either. . .atleast nothing that I can find. I don't have onyx. . .

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    This actually is the Exposť-Blob, which can't be enabled/disabled through System Preferences. It should have been enabled by some other programs. As you said you don't have Onyx, do you have any other tool, like maybe TinkerTool, that enables you to unlock hidden OS X settings? Because that really is the only way to get that Blob. It has been disabled by Apple, and can only be enabled/disabled by a third party tool...

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    The program Cocktail also has this option. If you have Cocktail installed on your machine then launch it and go to the Interface tab and then to the Dock subtab and make sure the box is unchecked to remove it. It may require you to log out before it takes effect (removes the blob).
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    Xupport also will work.

    Just download Cocktail or Xupport, they're shareware and you can download them for free. You might also want to keep them around, because they're great for performing routine maintenance on your comp.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for all the help. It was the expose blob and I downloaded Cocktail and got rid of it. I did have tinkertool, but couldn't find anything there that referred to the 'blob'.

    Anyway, it's gone and again thanks for all the help.


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