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    Closing Speech Recognition Circle
    I was messing around with the speech recognition feature, which I just recently discovered I had, and this circle comes up that lets you know when it is hearing your voice. But now I want it to go away, and I can't figure out how. The best I can do is send it to the right-side of the dock, but how can I just close out of it? I really wouldn't use speech recognition much at all, so it's just in the way now.

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    As far as I know it's there until you turn Speech Recognition off.
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    Simple solution for a now embarrassing question. I was trying/expecting to close out of it like it was some kind of program and I was confused. Should have thought more basically, I suppose. But I'm just glad it's gone, now. Thanks

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    Universal Access
    Babu Use universal Access
    Go to System Prefrences
    then to speech
    then to Text to speech
    then to universal access
    where you will find check boxes to solve your problem!!!!

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    Well I have the same problem now and now matter how many things I tick "off" the bloody circle is still annoying me there

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