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    Question Switcher having problems
    Hi everyone. I just purchased a new Macbook Pro last week and I am kicking myself for not making the switch sooner. My only complaint right now is that I can't seem to figure out how to get it to print to my HP 1410v that I have connected to an Airport Express. My wife has an older Macbook that prints to it just fine and we also have a PC that prints with no problems. I've searched the forums, googled, and tried all suggestions but to no avail. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks everyone.


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    Hey! Welcome to Mac-Forums! Not really sure what you have tried so let me ask a few questions:

    1) Assuming you are trying to print from the MacBook Pro wirelessly--have you set up your AirPort Express for wireless printing?

    2) Have you installed the appropriate drivers for the printer on your MacBook Pro?

    3) May want to check and see if you have Printer Sharing and Windows Sharing turned on, and that the printer is set up to be shared.

    Good luck <><
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    Hi and thanks for the quick response.

    The Airport Express is set for wireless printing. My wife's Macbook and our PC desktop can both print wirelessly throught the Airport Express.

    I have a disk that I ordered from HP that supposedly has the current drivers on it. I tried installing the software but for some reason, when the software scans the network for the printer to install, it can't find it.

    I have read that OS X 10.5 has the print driver included with it but when I set it up through Bonjour, it never lists that particular driver. Just a bunch of other HP printers.

    I also tried looking on the HP website and downloading the drivers and software. This didn't work either.

    The thing that amazes me is that when I set up our PC and the other Macbook, it worked like a charm but with a newer Mac, it's giving me fits.

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    If it works on one Mac and not the other, perhaps you can check which driver is being used on the Mac that prints properly...

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    There's a solution to this problem on Apple Discussions right here. Looks like maybe the drivers HP gave you might not be the latest version.

    BTW, is your wife's MacBook running Leopard (OS X 10.5.x) as well or is she still using OS X 10.4.x Tiger ?

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    She's running 10.4.11. That's probably the issue.

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    Ok, so I just got it to work. I ended up selecting the driver for the Deskjet D1400 series and now it prints just fine. What a pain but at least it works. Hopefully HP will come out with a driver that supports network printing for OS X 10.5. Thanks so much for everyones help.

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