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    HowTo Delete a Sprint Data Card Network Connection
    Got my first Mac (Vista finally pushed me over the edge after all these years).

    The Sprint USB data card modem I was using on Windows was pretty easy to get working on this MacBook Pro. But Sprint cards make a mess of their connections, so much so that on Windows you have to go in to connections and delete them from time to time.

    How do I do this in Mac? I can Inactivate connections (there were two) and my modem is working better. But how do I delete those inactivated connections?

    TIA, Doug

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    Welcome aboard, Doug! I am not sure what you want to to here, are you going to use the USB broadband WiFi? You can make, modify and delete network connections for ethernet, Airport or your Sprint card by going to the System Preferences --> Network.

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    Sherman, thanks for the info and welcome. I just got help from the Apple guru at the Best Buy where I bought MBP. It's the - at the bottom of the connections list that deletes unwanted connections.

    BTW the Sprint wireless data modem is just that a wireless Internet connection. It can be used anywhere a wireless phone works.

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