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    Video Capture
    My wife and I swithed about 4 months ago, and have gotten pretty good at using iMovie, and iDVD. We have decided to attempt to capture all of our old VHS tapes, and convert them to DVD now. The problem is, we both have 12in Powerbooks. Can any of you recomend a good USB or Firewire video capture system to import VHS tapes in to iMovie? Thanks for your help.

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    What you need is a convertor...

    Yes Expensive but toltaly worth it!

    If you are getting good at imovie you might want to consider getting Final cut express or if you wanna do even more get fcp. Oh and look at DVD studio pro 3. :batman:
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    if you have DV camera and VHS, you dont need a converter. copy your VHS tape to te DV camera and then import from DV. its a cheaper way

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    Video Capture Device
    You can find a good USB Video Capture Device at

    USB Video Capture Device - Convert Video to Digital

    This will work for getting VHS and other video to your computer.
    Hope this helps.

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