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    Checking Temp on new iMAC
    New to the world of mac computers I was wondering if there is a utility on the new iMACs to check the temperature on the processor and such. I just got it and am still learning how the new OS works. I know I can do it on my PC (we all know we need to keep an eye on those P4s temps now). I am asking because tonight is the first time I have ever heard my fan ever go and want to monitor the temp to see what types of usage/room temps make it turn on. Thanks and I am so glad I finally have a mac...everyone that says they are incompatable this and that are missing out.

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    there is a little app called CPU termometer.

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    Thanks for the site. I tired it however it did not work. It installed, but didn't work. I researched a little more online from that webpage, but a few sites said that the iMac G5 will never have an app that tells the temp. Is this true. Thanks for the help!

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    yeah some computers don't have temp sensing. My powerbook G4 667 does not have temp sensing so I can't use that app either. Now I don't know if the iMac G5 has temp sensing, but since the program does not work for you, my guess is that it does not and the only thing you can do is get a thermometer and drill a whole in your computer and stick the thermometer in.. and there you go!

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    Thanks!....I will test that on my ACER laptop first....

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    Quote Originally Posted by batchcga
    Thanks!....I will test that on my ACER laptop first....
    hey my first laptop was an Acer extensa, i still miss that thing and wish i could get it back. Not to use instead of my ibook but to have around for PC type things, it hardly gave me any trouble.

    ANYWAY, will that app work on a G4 iBook?

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