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    Tips for keeping your Mac clean
    I was wondering how you keep your mac clean and running? Which programs do you use to clean up you drive?

    Well i think you have to pay attention when you have bootcamp installed, because i think mac can carry virusses and such things, and that might be dangerous when you have win installed. I'm not sure but i just don't think that having win on your mac is a good idea.

    And i had onyx and clamxav installed, i respect clamxav but i think you don't really need it, but onyx is really a nice app.

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    OnyX is ALL I use to keep my Mac clean and running at its optimum speed. I have been using it ever since I got my Mac and have been very pleased with it.
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    You could try MainMenu (as well as OnyX) and ClamXav as an anti-virus.

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    I also use the firewall
    System preferences > security > firewall

    And i know you actually don't have to pay much attention with a mac, because it's very safe, but you never know.


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    You generally don't need to keep your mac 'clean'. This is because most of the applications you install are self-contained packages. Therefore most of the applications will not keep files all over the system (however some will, but very few). Most applications that are installed via simply dragging the application (from the disk image or dmg file) will have all the files needed for that application in one folder (which is the icon which you dragged to the applications folder).

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    I've asked this question too and have read a lot of info regarding maintaince for mac.

    I downloaded Onyx and I didn't understand it so removed that. I then downloaded MainMenu and I only use this to run the three scripts. I've read that using programs like this can sometimes cause problems. For me I can't afford to get into problems as I've still learning all about the Mac OS X.

    You might like to read this info

    Keeping your Mac clean of dropped uninstalled files, try AppDelete. I use it and it's great to remove 'all' files related to the application.

    Also check for updates on third party applications.

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