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    Desolate One
    An accidental switch.
    Holy crap, why didn't this happen sooner (my switch)? The Mac OS works! I'm still in shock a bit but I have to give it to them as a Windoze and Linux user, this seems to be a very happy median.

    I picked up a G4 iBook since I've been wanting a notebook for quite some time and I had to return my Dell after 2 days (the thing was just crap). And I've been pretty down and out lately with current events we wont go into. So I Walked into the Apple store across the street from my place and chatted it up w/ one of the employees that recognized my shirt. One thing led to another (mind, gutter, out) and BAM! I'm a Mac user. And you know wot, I'm pretty damn happy about it. It's going to be a while until all (well perhaps not all. I really do enjoy Debian) the PCs are phased out of this house, but it'll be oh so liberating!

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    You got that right!

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    Desolate One
    I can't wait to get my Base Station so I can be out back on the patio smoking a CAO and hanging out online. I simply can't believe how easy it all is w/ a Mac!

    All my gloating may have gotten 2 more Mac users. My aunt and uncle were shocked in hearing how easy it was to setup. Next time I'll have the iBook with me and show them first hand!

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    Congratulations, welcome to OS X.

    I know how you feel, just switched myself not so long ago, come from suse linux and win xp and knew my way around both.

    Neither were running the way I wanted them to and it was always a fight between them and me...

    Then came the ibook and I was knocked over. Never had migrating all my files to a new OS worked so seamlessly...

    Now the only app i have to fight with is MS office 2004.

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    Desolate One
    Now one thing I can't get is how do I set my default view for finder on the list setting? I've changed a few folders and wotnot, but when I go to a new folder it's in those large icons. I've even went to show view options and made sure the radio button for "all folders" was selected and nothing, not even after a restart. I asked my buddy that has an iBook and he forgot since that was the first thing he did!


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