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Thread: smb file sharing without mapping every folder?

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    Question smb file sharing without mapping every folder?
    One of the ladies in our church office recently got a new iMac, and she wants me to enable file sharing with our windows PCs. The only way I've been able to find to do this would require me to individualy map every shared folder on every PC to there own shortcuts on the desktop. We have 4 PCs in the office and several laptops which come in and out, and on many of them we have multiple shared folders. Does anyone know of a way I could enable her to connect to any shared folder on our network without individually setting each one up? (would there be a different file manager or something?)
    Any help greatly appreciated. thx

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    hrm, mine found every samba share on my network when I booted it. PC's Mac's and Linux boxes. All under shared in the finder?
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    Networked PCs with shared folders should appear in the sidebar in Finder. She should just be able click on the machine she's interested in and browse the files and folders that have been shared.

    Out of interest how are you mapping folders to desktop icons?

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    Under the Finder I don't see shared, I have "network" under which is "servers", "library", and my windows workgroup (which is named oasis, if you care ) When I go into my workgroup and to a computer it says "to see available shares for server "computername", click connect" after I click connect it asks for a name and password (and a third, I think the workgroup name, I clicked through already ) after that it says "selsect the SMB/CIFS shared volume you want to connect to." and has a drop down box with each shared folder on that computer listed. I choose one, click OK and an Icon appears on my desktop. When I double click that Icon it opens that folder in the finder, it's icon appears in the top panel of the sidebar with an eject icon next to it, same as a CD.
    (I've just written a tutorial for something I don't even want to do )
    BTW OSX version 10.4.11

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    There is no such thing as "mapping" on a Mac. You're either connected to a server (ie, the shared volume is mounted and accessible) or you're not.

    If she wants to connect to a share, she's going to have to...look through the network and connect to the share. Same as on Windows, or any other computer out there.

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    Mounting perhaps???
    Maybe I have the wrong term, but the issue is I can't just look through the network and connect normally. I have to choose a single share and then it puts an icon for that share up on the desktop, and by clicking on that icon I can access that share.
    Over at the Apple site someone else is discussing this and apparently it's because somehow the network settings (on the mac) switched to be NFS by default, instead of SMB. They're saying it has to be set straight by hacking something through the terminal (Oh joy).
    So if anyone has anymore insight I'd love to hear it. Thanks for trying anyway.

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