I've been fighting with my Verizon XV6700 and Pdanet to get it working the way it did on my PC. With my Mac, I could connect via Bluetooth, but the signal was always dropped after a couple minutes, making it virtually useless.

I finally found something that seems to work. I downloaded the Motorola CDMA script from this link and added it to my modem script library as described in the link.


(Below assumes you've fought with this for a while and can connect via Bluetooth, but the connection isn't very stable.)

System Preferences > Network > Select your bluetooth device from the panel on the left

Advanced > Modem > Model now displays Motorola CDMA as an option

I selected Motorola CDMA as the model and it seems much more stable.

Hope this helps someone who has run into this issue. Judging by the suggestions dedicated to it when you search online, it seems to be a common problem.