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    Installing Airport on PC to connect to Time Capsule
    I've recently changed over to macs--an imac and a macbook pro-- which has been great so far, but I've been trying to use a pc on my new time capule network without success. I've been unable to use the network printer or to back up things on time capsule. I've installed the software that came with the time capsule. Any ideas? Please forgive this question if it's too naive--I'm very new to such things.


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    Are you connecting with wireless or via ethernet? You'll have to use the Airport Utility on either one of your Macs or your PC to allow the HDD inside the TimeCapsule to be shared.
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    Make sure the firmware for Time Capsule is up to date. I believe there are Windows-specific drivers that need to be installed on your PC in order for a PC to run properly on the TC, but it sounds like you've already installed those. If you're trying to connect wirelessly, I'd first hard wire it in to make sure you can connect to the TC.

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    I'm not sure how you can use time machine to back up on time capsule since the PC will not have the software. However, to print, you first must use Bonjur to map the printer. Make sure the printer is connected to the USB via direct connection or via USB hub and ensure the printer is turned on. Next run Bonjure. The setup is pretty straight forward. You will be able to print after installing the printer via the bonjur software, just like like you always printed.

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