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    How much is a fair price for this...
    Apple Powerbook

    1.67GHZ PowerPC G4 Processor
    1 Gig Ram
    80GB Hard-Drive
    15.2 Inch Wide Screen Display: ATI Mobility Radeonn 9700
    Internal SuperDrive DVD±RW/CD-RW
    Internal Airport Extreme Card for wireless networking-802.11g
    Internal Bluetooth
    Internal 10/100/1000Base T Ethernet
    Internal 56K V.92 Dialup Modem (Yawn)
    Firewire 800 Port & Firewire 400 Port
    2 2.0 USB Ports
    PC Card/Cardbus Slot
    Audio in and Audio out jacks
    Backlit Illuminated Keyboard and ambient light sensor (Auto detects ambient light and adjust keyboard and display backlight brightness levels)
    DVI Video port
    S-video Video port
    DVI to VGA adapter cable
    Power adaptor and extender cord
    S-Video to Composite adapter cable

    How much would be a fair price to offer?

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    $500 to $700 U.S. , depending on the condition
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    Black MacBook- 2.2GHz, 1gb RAM, 160GB, Double-Layer Superdrive.
    $535.89 US, but I'm sure you could get more for it if you need the money, you just need to find the right person.
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    but this one auto detects ambient light, that has got to be worth another 50 bucks at least.

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    Black MacBook- 2.2GHz, 1gb RAM, 160GB, Double-Layer Superdrive.
    agreed, start at $700 US and just negotiate down if necessary
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    at least
    check out for a reasonable guess. I'd start around 800 though, especially if you have the Hi-Res version (1280x960 resolution, check it on display properties).

    You should also check out eBay. to get a good idea about current value, log in and then click on Advanced Search and put in "PowerBook 1.67ghz", then click the box for Completed Listings Only. This will tell you what people are actually paying for the book. Find a few that are like yours. I'm selling a similar one right now and some are going for over 800 though some as low as $600. Whoever said 500 doesn't know the value of a great PowerBook. eBay is valuing them really highly. You might want to buy a new battery for it too because for $45 you can add up to a $100 in value. Think about it, what's the problem with a good used computer? 3 years old means dead battery, who guarantees battery life and who wants a PowerBook that runs for 30 minutes on the battery? Get a new one and BAM suddenly people will pick yours over others.

    Also try craigslist. You can't fail there, so set it high and sit on it for a few weeks. Don't constantly repost or people will know that you have it too high. Get good pictures and don't confuse people with lots of specifics, just let them know that it's the fastest PowerBook made and that it has wireless a large hard drive, great battery life... etc. Don't bog them down with technical specs.

    good luck. man, I must sound stuck up.

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    Powerbooks hold their value very well, it's probably worth more than a 2nd hand MacBook.

    I do think that people over estimate what they can do though - a G4 is now 3 generations old (even if the G5 was never put in a laptop). There are a lot of people on the forums who wonder why they get choppy video playback and the machine can take 3 mins to start - but even so, these machines are beautiful.

    If it's in mint condition, I'd say it's worth at least $750, and with a new battery, $800 will be easy to make.
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