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    Successful switch for me. how did others go?
    Just thought i put let you all know how a switcher from pc is going. I bought a 1.25 ghz superdrive emac with 768 ram about a month and a bit ago, before this i was a long time pc user (bout 9 or so years) i had never used a mac or even seen OS X before going into the apple store. I would have to say that i have not had one issue at all with my mac its soo stable compared to my old XP machine and is shiny and white! Some things i have found OS X does better than my xp machine

    1. No spyware or adware which plagued my old machine
    2. my mac networks to windows machines easier than windows machines network to each other!
    3. No crashing!
    4. Itunes rocks, so does garageband
    5. and it just looks heaps better

    overall don't think i could ever go back to a windows machine
    would like to know if other switchers have had as much success as me.

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    I am going the same way you have. I just purchased a new iMac G5 1.8ghz. I also never saw OS X Panther before and haven't used a MAC in about 6 years when I was in high school. I love the look of the iMac and I look the smoothness of the software like iLife and Microsoft Office Mac. I just love this iMac; it is great so far.

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    I fully agree. My switch was over Christmas, and I have not looked back once! Not a single microsoft app for me ever again. My old pc is a Linux box now, just for fun

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    I just switched, and all I can say is Dell, and Gateway, and Micron all lost business from me since the switch. I change computers like most people change underwear, so Mr. Jobs is gonna make a fortune off of me!

    Since I bought my iMac 1.8 17" about a month ago, i have purchased an iBook so I could be somewhat portable. I am now trying to sell my windows laptop (Gateway, if anyone wants one CHEAP!), and my PC desktop so I can migrate this machine to my wife and Im getting a Powermac.

    Bill Gates and the PC manufactureres can kiss my a** from now on..Im 100% Mac!

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    I love my PowerBook. Not only is it a great change from Windows, but it's actually a fantastic laptop.

    I've now realised: what kind of idiot puts the ports for laptops on the back where nobody can get to them?

    Best decision I've made in a while.

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    The 12" PowerBook is the best sub-notebook for professionals. I have it and it OWNS. Agreed iSheep, side ports are the best. Mac rocks!

    Apple really is the best company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1k
    Apple really is the best company.
    Agreed! :mac:

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    I can't exactly say what i like most about my new mac, i've had a few crashes(bad ram i suspect) bu this hasn't stopped me falling in love with it. I just prefer the mac experience, i used to dread using a computer to even check my emails, there was always some hassle to look forward to but now i spend way more time on my mac.
    I think it just looks and feels better. :p

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    Positive here too And agreed, I don't know why PC laptops always have the ports on the back, flimsy CD trays and whatnot now. I never want to go through all that "lift the side of the laptop off the bed so the CD tray can eject" or "whoops I just caught that sticky-outy modem thing from the PCMCIA card" again

    Tis true I've had my fair share of instability, but it seems to have been due to Logitech's delightful driver software. Uninstalled it and so far so good *touches wood*

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    Same experience here too, I was going to keep my windows machine as a backup for any non-mac programs, but ended up dumping it in the cellar...

    This iBook is the best investment I've ever made (and one of the largest - I'm only 20 though )

    Ports on the side? Brilliant! Single middle hinge? Brilliant! Slot-loading CD-Drive? Brilliant!

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    I was lucky, I had a friend with a powerbook and when I got my iBook, I had someone to quickly look to for questions. Though after years of trying MS replacement shells and other OS's, getting to understand how OSX worked was easy.

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    Knew I spoke too soon on the Logitech idea... 1 beachball lockup (only way out was to reset) and 1 unexpected quit so far today, both whilst using Safari.

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    Bought my G5 1.8 last May. Was a windows victim since 1998. My wifes mac geek nephew forced me to make the switch after he refused to help me any more with 'doze XP. He said "sorry!" Get a mac. So I did. All I can really say is wow! I'm kinda particular about how things run, you know...fussy. The G5 lives up to all my expectations and more. Everything installs, opens, runs, prints, and saves like a dream. I even have fun doing maintenance and updates! No problems. (knock on wood).
    I'm very-very satisfied. The only thing that I don't like (minor thing) is the stock keyboard. For some reason my typing speed is much slower on the mac board. I may switch to another. Any suggestions?
    Oh yeah, itunes music store is great. And Garage band? Shoot, so much fun it seems illegal.

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    I've had a very good switch so far. I had been using windows all my life (I'm a freshman in college) until my brother got a Powerbook a couple years ago. That got me looking at them and I fell in love. Now looking at my roommate's Dell (the one everyone has) it's so clunky and just seems like a dinosoar, my whole computer is almost as thin completely closed as just the screen part on his Dell. I love the way the keyboard feels as well. I have had a couple rough starts, pinwheel freezing, lost all my data restarting one time, and last night my powerbook wouldn't wake up from sleep for awhile.

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    I switched 6 months ago, and although I'm happy with my mac, I still wouldn't be without my pc. I've done speed comparisons, and to be honest there's little difference between them. Also, I've had a major problem with clients not getting attachments/ getting rogue attachements on e-mail, so I use my mac to work on, and my PC for e-mail. Both are equally stable, however the PC handles large files better, so I reckon having both is the best!


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