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    Problem with spacing
    Hi Guys

    For a few months now (i've been lagging to get this problem solved) my firefox has been acting a bit weird. The spacing is off most of time when Im looking at a website. and sometimes when I'm typing something on a text box, such as this one, the cursor seems to be always before the last one or two letters to be typed.

    I've changed the settings on the font size but everytime I turn off my comupter the problem comes back,

    Has this ever happened to any of you???

    Any help is welcome!

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    I had an almost identical problem in Safari. This is a font issue. I have no idea what causes it to appear all of a sudden, but it happened to me as well.

    I don't remember exactly what I did to resolve this, but I fixed it using the Font Book application, which is installed with your other applications, but you've probably never opened it. There was a conflict with one of my Helvetica fonts and the overlapping letters was the result.

    I did a quick search online and found the following link. I would follow the recommendations it makes in Font Book and see what happens...

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