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    Question games for mac
    [FONT=Times New Roman]i am thinking of buying a powerbook g4 sometime soon. i am a person who loves to play games. so i wanted to know is it hard to find games for a mac and are all the games that r made for pc also made for mac?

    thankyou in advance.

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    Don't come to mac if ur into gaming, u'll regret it. I am a gamer too, but mac is the last machine/OS u wanna look at when it comes to gaming.

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    Agreed (mostly).

    Quite a few games (not all!) are released for Mac OSX as well as for PC, but usually they aren't optimised very well and the graphics cards in macs usually aren't very powerful.

    So the games that are released don't run that well and are also usually released later than their PC counterparts.

    For gaming at home I'd recommend getting a console platform (take your pick) and getting a mac only for other use.

    Having said that, I am a occasional gamer and enjoy a spot of UT2004, Warcraft III etc. now and again. My iBook can cope with all of those titles, which is enough for me...

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