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    Question plug in and go???
    Well thats what they said and now I'm sitting here with our brand new g4 plugged into our network and it's not configuring correctly. it keeps giving me a 169. ect ip address when it should be 192.

    anyone have any idea why this is happening and what i need to do?

    I already checked the cord, it works fine in one of our other computers, just not the new ones.

    appreciate it

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    Do you have dhcp turned on?
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    try using the built-in help to get started:

    Select Mac OSX help and browse the topics on networking (specifically PC to mac networking if that's the environment you're in)

    Normally activating DHCP should do it though (as mentioned above):

    go to system preferences ->networking.

    There select built-in ethernet and in the TCP/IP tab, look at the drop down menu for 'Configure IPv4'.

    In that menu select 'using DHCP', which basically means that your server will assign your mac a IP address automatically and you'll be done!

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    Dhcp is on because it's woorking on another new emac in the building. i somehow got connected, and i'm using my new emc now but i can't figure out why it keeps kicking me off the server after about 10 min.

    thanks for the help though

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    I'd check for an inactivity time out

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