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    Talking office upgrading
    We are finally upgrading tomorrow, after all my posts here my boss is finally going to upgrade, (we had a hell of a few days where the entire system blitzed out)

    anyway my questions:
    we are purchasing MS office 2004 bundled and I want to know do we want the teacher student ed or standard ed
    also I am trying to find a Filemaker pro 6 upgrade, anyone know where we can get one?

    and lastly my bosses big question.
    if we upgrade from blue bondi iMacs, to eMacs and upgrade our office stuff, will everything work fine as usual or are we to expect bugs and gliches?
    thanks :cool:

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    Well, are you a student/teacher or just a 'normal' person? The student/teacher edition costs quite a bit lower than the normal edition, and you can install it on up to 3 comps (or 5, I'm not sure). When you install it, Microsoft just asks you to swear you are a student/teacher, they don't 'check up' on you or anything, so technically you don't have to be one to get it... Not that I condone that sort of action

    As for Filemaker, go to this site: and go to the bottom, under find updaters. Choose Filemaker 6 from the list, and you'll see a list of updates.

    Well, what OS do you have on your iMacs? If it's OS 9, you may have some difficulties with software, etc. But if you have Mac OS X (any version) on the iMacs, everything should go perfectly and you should have no problems.

    Good luck with your upgrade, man!

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    we are running os 9 on some computers and os 8 on others, but it looks like we may be getting new computers as well instead of just upgrading memory. does anyone know where i can get volume licensing from mircosoft for their windows 2004 office? i called microsoft and they give me the run around

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    Well, if you're running OS 8-9, expect to run into at least a few bugs/glitches with your switch to eMacs. OS 9 and OS X are very different. But OS X is also a lot better than the previous OS's. So you'll probably have a few problems, but it's for the better.

    Good luck!

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