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Thread: Help with Mac X

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    Help with Mac X
    I am new to Mac X.

    I would like to update software and it ask me a password, where is this password ?

    I was using before OE and IE.

    I realized that Mail and contacts are separated entities, so how to import address book from OE ? And favorites from IE ?

    Before I proceed in cleaning my system from OS 9, which very good browser you suggest ( Safari ???) and which email programm, I know is very individual but your suggestion and expertise is much appreciated.

    Also I notice a very slow printing ( with Epson Stylus Photo 830), just printing a simple text page takes time, before was very fast.
    Where is the print monitor and the choice of colour and B & W for printing, I cann see all this, poor me !!!!


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    The password is the password you set when you installed Mac OS X.

    I use Entourage for a little while for my email, but I've now moved to Mail because I prefer to simplicity. I use Safari, I think it's nice.

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    Entourage for mail and Firefox for the browser

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    I've been using Safari for browsing and Mail for email. They're simple, and sweet, and get the job done. I was a big fan of Firefox when I used Windows and Linux, but on OS X neither Firefox nor Camino seem to work as well as Safari on my machine, for some reason. I've yet to check out Entourage, I admit I'm intrigued. I'll have to Google it now.

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    Don't bother with entourage: it has a few features that mail doesn't have, but it uses a horrible interface and is just complicated in my opinion.

    I set it up for my girlfriend to use but have ended up setting up a separate user account for her as the ical/address book/mail/iChat combination is pretty unbeatable for everyday use.

    Entourage offer a built-in calendar & contacts features, but nothing as nicely integrated as apple's apps. Plus integration with iPhoto is seamless too...

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    Integration? ugh you have to open up 5 different applications to do what Entourage does in what app. I'd rather use my resources that way since I already have a lot of programs open. I don't see it as being complicated at all.. do take a look at Entourage.. apparently it's not for everyone, but I really like it compared to the apple apps, mostly because Entourage is everything in one program.

    As for a browser.. I use Mozilla because Firefox can't load certain plugins that I need, even though I would like to use Firefox since it's just a browser and I don't need mail, composer, Instant messaging etc in Mozilla. Safari is awesome, but functionality wise.. it's seriously lacking.

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    I use Entourage to manage work acounts, since the project view, and calendars all integrate quite well, but for personal use, I use Apple mail. As for a browser, I keep trying to like Safari, but firefox is just better. Firefox has better compatibility with web pages, loads faster, has better tabbed browsing capabilities, is RSS ready, and can do enything you want through extensions. I just can't seem to get into Safari, no matter how hard I try.

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