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    Buy now or wait?
    I want to buy either a 12" iBook or 12" PowerBook, but writes updates coming soon. I've been thinking of buying a Mac since April and have done as much research as I can. I'm leaning toward the PowerBook since I calculated the cost difference to be about $300. This seems like a good deal considering the PowerBook has the better/more/faster components. I want it now, but I am willing to wait in the interest of getting something better. However, it could backfire on me since the price could go up along with any update. Any thoughts?

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    No matter what happens you are going to be dissappointed, I think. Wait for the new stuff to come out and a few months later something better will come out.

    Besides, if you wait the few months for that brand new hardware, chances are it won't be as cheap as what you are considering. That $300 savings won't be there.

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    That's not true: Apple generally keeps the prices fairly consistent, i.e. if you get a 1,33 Ghz powerbook now, you could get a faster one for the same price in a few days/weeks/months...

    The problem is no one can say for sure.

    All I know is: I ordered the ibook g4 800Mhz and gave the wrong credit card details my mistake (switched a digit round or something)...

    Whilst the mistake was being sorted out, they updated the range and I received one of the very first 1Ghz iBooks! I was sooooooo lucky!

    I'd wait as long as you can (they'll be updated by Christmas at the very latest, though probably early November) and then strike while the iron's hot!

    Don't go rushing off to get one and then end up kicking yourself in the **** when the faster, better, sexier machines are released at the same price 2 weeks later.

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    Yep I agree the price will be the same, BUT just because they are about to release them, does not mean that they will ship anytime soon. If you've been waiting since April, you might as well wait a little longer.. I still say within the next two weeks, so next work or the week after, new ones will be released.. that shouldnt be too hard to wait until then

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    I got my 12" PowerBook G4 a few weeks after the current revision was announced (the 1.33GHz 12" and the 1.5GHz 15" and 17"), so I'm happy. But I probably won't when the next PowerBook revision comes out. And I'm only in 9th grade, so I'll probably have my 12" until university... It seems fast as hell now, but in 4 years that probably won't be true.

    Yeah, the PowerBooks will probably be updated in a few weeks/months. If you really can't wait that long for a comp, get the 12" Powerbook/iBook now, they're fabulous machines, really. But if you really want the latest and greatest from everybody's favorite company, Apple Computers Inc, I'd say wait a few months until the newest revision comes out.

    HOWEVER, one problem with getting the newest models is that all the bugs aren't worked out. The next 'Book revision will probably still be a G4 processor with the same look as the current 'Books, but when the G5 PowerBook comes out it might not be a good idea to buy it, because all the bugs aren't fully worked out. It might frequently overheat, the hinges might creak, a lot of bugs might not be worked out. It's usually better to wait 2-3 revisions after the original product is made.

    Since the next revision will probably still be a G4 processor, chances are that the next revision will have smoothed out practically all of the bugs in the Aluminum G4 PowerBook model. So you'll be getting an excellent machine. So either buy now or wait a few months, whatever you prefer. You'll be happy either way.

    Good luck!

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    Just thought I would post an update on what happened. I ran out during lunch when the new iBooks were released (10.19.04) and picked up a 12". I ordered an extra 512 MB from Crucial the day after. From what I've read since, it's going to be some time before the PowerBooks get an update so I feel good. Besides, the iBook is proving to be more than enough in terms of performance. It's awesome!!

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    awesome man, i cant wait to get mine! hopefully this december!

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