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Thread: EMERGENCY! I need help fast

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    Unhappy EMERGENCY! I need help fast
    my computer stopped operating in the middle of an operation. I was in Excel trying to print. Now the only way I can access my computer is through safe mode. When I enter in normal mode all that comes up is the HD and I cannot click to open anything it is completely frozen.

    Any help. PLEASE

    this has our lifeblood of our operation on it


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    Well, what do you mean 'through safe mode'? As far as I know, OS X won't start in 'safe mode' or anything like it.

    If the hard drive comes up, just wait for a few minutes before clicking it, OS X takes a while to load.

    Also, if it really doesn't work, you can always get a HD recovery from the good folks at Apple or other places.

    Good luck, try to tell us more about the situation (like what you were doing when it crashed, etc.)

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    In Mac, I would try file system check. Restart in single user terminal, Restart holding Apple S. Once there type /sbin/fsck -fy until the file system changed stops showing

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    Really strange, Excel does that to me sometimes as well. Shouldn't use rubbish software I suppose.

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