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Thread: Deal Finder and Price Gong

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    Deal Finder and Price Gong
    Deal Finder and Price Gong.....I'm sure this isn't the first post about these two problems but I would like to know if these are anything but an annoyance or if they are malware. If they are malware then I would like to know how to stop them and how they got into my Mac Pro desktop to begin with.

    These are pop ups that come up from the bottom right of my screen (the Price Gong) and everywhere on the screen overlaying product ads that I want to see in such places as Amazon and Cabelas etc.

    I normally use FireFox as my browser if that makes a difference.
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    They're not malware per se, but annoying never the less. Use a strong pop up blocker and ad blocker. You can search for one or both using the extension function in Firefox.

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