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Thread: New Nine Inch Nails album!

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    New Nine Inch Nails album!
    Fans of Trent Reznor, check it out!

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    I saw it was like a lot of tracks for $5, is it any good?

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    I have to commend Trent for sticking to his guns and putting out an album as soon as he finished it without anybody knowing about it beforehand. I hope this is the beginning of a new era in the music industry (along with Radiohead's previous experiment with digital distribution).

    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis View Post
    I saw it was like a lot of tracks for $5, is it any good?
    It's an excellent album, but I love pretty much anything Trent Reznor does. You can download the first 9 tracks for free to see if you like it. is getting slammed, but there is an official torrent that should be pretty fast.

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