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    My Website
    Well I've finally taken the plunge and created my own website, . And no, it's not a pay-per-view porn site LOL. Take a look at the opening page to see what the "look" of the site will be like.

    The only other page that's done right now is the webcam page with of course my webcam as well as a picture of my desktop. If you want to see what iChat AV looks like with the iSight, check out my desktop that's up there now. (BTW, that's my friend and Apple Switch commercial star Jeremiah Cohick in case he looks familiar since everyone who's seen it has asked me lol)

    Thanks to Emrys for the hosting
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    Cool man.. i've still gota get my hosting set up with emrys aswell ... I need money first though.. not a stedy software company..

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