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Thread: Mac sounds

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    Mac sounds
    as long as i can remember two things have never changed about the mac the startup noise and the presence of the sosumi alert noise. does anyone know if the so-sue-me thing is just a coincidence or is there any story behind it?

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    Sosumi is one of the system sounds introduced in Apple Computer's System 7 operating system. Popular rumor has it that the sound's unusual name was coined after a legal settlement with Apple Records, the Beatles' recording company.
    Apple Records sued Apple Computer for trademark infringement after Apple Computer added sound to their computers. The lawsuit was settled with the agreement that Apple Computer would never enter the recording industry. Several years later, Apple Computer began adding microphones as standard peripherals with their computers. These microphones were for recording (of course), and as the story goes, the Apple developers named one of the sample sounds "Sosumi" ("So sue me") as a way of thumbing their noses at Apple Records. Apple Records did not sue.

    Maybe i should have searched *first*
    also it seems as long as i can remember isnt that long!

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    Hahaha, that's hilarious.

    Gotta love the Beatles.
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