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    Major Monitor Malfunction!!!!
    I have an eMac which I bought refurbished. Every time I boot up now it gets to the point just after the apple logo appears then the screen goes blank, as if the computer isn't turned on. Everything seems to be working fine inside(i.e. eject button & keyboard shortcuts work) but I just can't see anything. It boots up fine occasionly, but usually after 10 minutes the screen begins to fade away until iy goes complelely blank. I've tried disk repair etc on these occasions but no joy. Help me please!!!! I am loathe to send it in for repair!

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    There are so many cases of screen probs with eMacs in this forum lately...

    Dunno, i'm sure someone will respond.

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    I also own an eMac, no problems & it's running 24/7.
    Check with Apple as you shouldn't be having those problems or any for that matter. An Apple refurbished machine should just work.
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