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    Apples been Doing a Good job
    Apples share probably is skyrocketing because:

    The release of iMac G5, the first low-mid consumer computing product from Apple equipt in G5 form

    Powermac G5 has been upgraded to 2.5 Ghz IN DUAL form

    New great displays with new 30 inch display

    The iPod has been redesigned

    iTunes mid this year released in France, UK and Germany

    Tiger preview proves on how great Tiger will be

    Apples relase of Motion, being introduced in a production suite,

    Apple Australia started to advertise iPod on T.V

    and today Apple has relaesed Logic Pro and Logic express and three expansion packs for garageband.

    Don't you feel happy for Apple? :p

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    40inch display?!? Where did you see that??

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    Sorry, 30 inch :p

    I'll edit

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