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    Help me help him
    I have a PC using friend and I am trying to get him to see the light and get an Apple for his next computer. He is being wierd and is afraid to switch over. Share your stories of switching over to macs and tell him how he will never go back to the Personal Crap. Please his life depends on you!

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    Need more posts

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    Our family switched from Windows to Mac about a year ago and we haven't regretted it since. The systems are excellent for just about anything except games.

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    I use a combonation of both. One has advantages, the other has advantages. It just depends what mood I'm in.

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    I can't explain it, but I'll never purchase a PC again. I don't care about the price. A computer is going to be a huge investment no matter what -- why not get the best?

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    I always look at what the computer is going to used for, before I make a suggestion. If he is going to do just e-mail, and surfing the net, then either platform would work. If he need say AutoCAD, then it is a PC. If he is doing video work I would suggest Apple, because Apple hardware and Final Cut is cheaper than a PC and Avid. As most of you know if it is games then he is looking at a PC.

    So the question is what does he do on his computer, how does he use it?
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    Emmett, what are the specs of his computer?

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    It's built on UNIX, so that means you can just leave it on sleep for months and months and wake it up with the click of the mouse or hit any key on the keyboard. Its beautifuly easy to use. Also, Windows is slowly but surely losing market share because of OS X. Also, Apple computers are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Look at the eMac and iMac G5 and iBook!!

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    Oh, about games, buy a Playstation 2.

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    OS X is how an operating system should work. The PowerBook is the best notebook I've seen.

    Switch now. You won't regret it.

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    Since I bought my mac, I have never looked back. No more blue screens, worms and pop-ups. No longer will you have to take the blame for something that windoze did, not you. Yeah, I love working on the mac.
    Oh, an added benefit, your blood pressure will go down a few points too.

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    Mac rocks. I seriously cannot use Windows now, it's that bad compared to Mac OS X. I now notice things about Windows that would have never bothered me before, because OS X is just so perfect compared to Windows.

    Plus Apple makes the most good looking products in existance, period.

    Tell your friend to get one, and if he doesn't like it he can bash me here all he likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    Oh, about games, buy a Playstation 2.
    you mean Xbox...

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    Mr. MAC
    Well I'm only 15 years old but I have already been set on the right path (using a MAC™). Anyway I have converted my friend so now he wants a MAC™ also. and the main thing that helped him see which was the best was that MAC™ is VERY user friendly and EXTREMLY easy to use. And he keeps telling all me about the new programs he's gotten recently and all I can do is smile because my computer already has that feature-_-. And as someone already said the only drawback is that there isn't as many games that are compatible with MAC™(and some that are, are slightly more exsensive). So good luck with converting yet another lost PC™ user.

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