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    Get lost preview
    Does anyone know how I can make my default image viewing software Photoshop instead of the useless Preview.


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    Right Click (or Ctrl + Click) on the file.

    Go to open with
    select Other
    Click photoshop and have it apply to all files

    I actually change it off of photoshop because it takes too long to load to just look at a quick picture. if i need to edit the picture i will open up photoshop
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    There is also a contextual menu plugin that will show images with just a right click. Doesn't open any apps. Search for QuickImage at MacUpdate or Google.

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    Useless? Preview?

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    If it's only to watch a picture (aka "preview a picture" ) Preview is more than enough. It even allows you to save it to a different format, rotate it, etc.

    Running Photoshop everytime you want to watch a pic is a waste of memory in my opinion...and a waste of time if you start Photoshop every time you watch a pic.

    Anyway, if you want to use PS for your images, right-click on an image, click "Get info", choose PS in the "Open with"-box and click on the "Change all" button just below. You do that once with every filetype you want to open with PS, and all of them will open in PS per default.

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