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Thread: Stupid Beatles!

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    Question Stupid Beatles!
    So what do you think of the fact that Apple Computers will have to pay all that money to the record label Apple Corp.?

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    i think they are just sueing because apple is starting to make some money and they want it

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    Oct 27, 2002
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    It's all sour grapes to me. And I have no clue how Apple Corps is spinning a lawsuit out of this when you read the original agreement. It only prohibits Apple distributing music in a physical media such as CD.

    Totally ridiculous.
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    I agree, Schewb, it is ridiculous.

    Yes, I do love the Beatles and Apple Corps, but I think they have better things to do than sue the pants off of Apple Computers.

    What can I say? I'm a Beatles fan with a Mac. ::laughs::
    "Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted" - John Lennon.

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    And I'm pretty sure that Apple Corps. uses a couple of Macs in their record studios...

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    Wait, what is happening? Apple corps, apple computers??

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    Aug 05, 2003
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    Apple Computer could become Orange Computing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicoWeb
    Wait, what is happening? Apple corps, apple computers??
    Apple Computer is the iPod company and Apple Corp. is the Beatles recording label, in the mid 80's Apple Corp sued Apple Computer for having the same name and Apple Commputers was allowed to keep there name if they agreed to pay Apple Corp. $27 million and never produce and sell there own music. What gets me is that Apple Computers is not producing the music there just selling it and they only make 4cent off every 99 cent songs, the rest goes to label and artist.

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