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    Talking Help desk stories...
    Check this:

    Some of these stories are just hilarious...just a sample:

    A girl walked into the computer center where I work. She said she was having problems with her Mac. I asked what kind of Mac she had. In an indignant voice, she replied, "Duh, Intosh." :confused:

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    This reminds me, some old lady called in at my uncles PC repair center. She said "the cup holder is jammed!" She stuck a coffee cup into the CD drive... XD

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    thats pretty funny

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    Working for and internet company I had many of these stories.

    I was on the phone once with a user and she says to me.

    "I'm having a problem with my microwave explorer"

    So I says to her, did you set it to defrost?

    Of course I was just joking but this one stuck with the tech for a while.

    I have plenty more but I'll wait till other people post first. I have a whole log of these types of calls.

    Thank God I don't work there anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMack
    thats pretty funny

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