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    different between "Mac" and "PC" (the words)

    in an other board, somebody told, macs are pcs, and another guy macs are NOT pcs.

    now, could somebody help me?

    what per definition is a mac (thought it stands for "mouse .... computer"), and what is a pc.

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    mac= mouse activated computer.
    pc= politically correct.

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    Basically mac is short for macintosh, which was the first most popular PC Apple created with the graphical interface (i.e. mac, mac plus, the SE, and the SE/30).

    PC is a general statemnet of personel computer. So both Apples and wintel boxes are PCs.
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    ... However, in the social sense of the words "Mac" and "PC"... people tend to view them as seperate entities.

    Mac refers to Apple Computers while PC tends to refer to Windows computers... and of course the 3rd wheel being Linux boxes.

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