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    help want work
    hi,ime quite a new mac user and ive got an emac(combo) running 0sx10.3. for some reason when i start mac help an icon appears in the dock and i start to get the window but then after about 2 seconds the window disapears and help closes down, most strange! can anyone help i would be most gratefull,thanks slipmat79 :confused:

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    Did you try restarting the computer? Try that, it might help. My help viewer was really slow when I first got my PowerBook, but I restarted, and I think that was what fixed it.

    I can't think what else might be causing your problem, though, try restarting and see if that fixes it.


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    In finder, open library then preferences. Find the pref files for help and trash them. (there may be 3) When you them open help they will be regenerated and help will work again

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    nice one it worked instantly.thanks a lot.slipmat79

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