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    Advice Needed
    As you may know, I have a Performa 5200CD, and have a thread I put in MacAddict asking a few questions n stuff, and I got this in my PM account there:


    Do you use hotline? If so come to my server to get all the old software you need! Don't mention this on the forums though. Mods tend to get pissed. You can get the client on my page below and use to find servers to link to. Just search for samtron or 68k there. If you stop by message samtron and tell me its you.



    Is there any risks involved (i.e spyware, virus')? I would doubt if this person cares if I post this here, cause this isn't Mac Addict.

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    Isn't that piracy? Or is downloading old software that most likely isn't made anymore (vaporware?) legal?

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    I don't know, but I don't think the companies who made the software would care that much anymore, the software's probably around 8-10 years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absolute Zero
    Isn't that piracy? Or is downloading old software that most likely isn't made anymore (vaporware?) legal?
    Sometimes companies put their old software into freeware just to let the public have it

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    So, is there any risk that his stuff might contain nasties?

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