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    My School & Macs
    My high school has NO Mac section what so ever. What's up with that? Theres no choice of platform what so ever. It's either Windows way or the high way. Although on the bright side is my school uses Windows 2000 computers, there really slow though, some don't even have a CD drive! I have only seen two Macs in my school, in the Muisc room. 1 LC II and some other old computer.

    Am I alone? Or do I just attend to a very biased school?

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    Fact: Macs are expansive.
    Fact: Bush has spent so much tax money on a War that should not be that schools have limited spending money.
    Fact: my school doesn't have any macs either

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    We have 4 Macs used for video editing (mainly) as well as some other media tasks. Two more on their way! The rest of the school is Windows XP with 3GHz AMDs with 64MB GeForce 4s - not bad for a school, considering there's about 300 computers.

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    In any of your schools are you allowed to bring your own notebook to use instead?

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    Yes, I think you can in mine, but only if you've chosen an IT class, or if your writing is too mesy.

    Fact: I'm under Howard (Aus) control

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    Oh, iSheep: What Macs are in your school?

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    I teach a college class, An Interactive Web Design Class.

    Our class room has 25 Computers. All G4's, with flat panels and pretty much any software you could imagine. Final Cut Pro, DW MX2004, Adobe CS, its really nice to work in that environment.

    The draw back is, not only do I have to teach a web design course, I have to teach about 50% of the class how to use a Apple as well. When people are so set in their ways of using a Windows machine, its hard sometimes to get them over the hump. They believe that everything is harder, when In fact its much simpler. Personally, I do about 85% of my web design on my PC only because I have dual Monitors. If I could fork out several K for dual monitors on my Apple I'd do it and work over there 100% of the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    Oh, iSheep: What Macs are in your school?
    2 new eMacs, one old eMac and one G4 15" iMac. Can't remember specs.

    I'm taking my notebook in September, use the school's wireless network for Internet and printers.

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    Thats right Chioweb, lots of things are simpler, just different. You must have 50 K worth of computer equiptment in your classroom alone.

    Your darn lucky to have a school involved in IT like that, iSheep. When we use the IT room, some of the computers (including the one I have to use most of the time :mad: ) take 5-10 minutes to fully log on. My school has just had a 1 million dollar reno, but didn't touch the computers.

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    My school has the biggest mac account in the nation..if I'm not mistaken...the Art Institutes all have many many makes. My school alone must have at least...170ish..could be more. The other art institutes probably have close tot he same. They also have that many pcs. It's pretty crazy..all those computers. But they're treated like crap..cause so many people use them, so sometimes they don't work so well..mac or's sad really....cause my computer works so well..and I'm so nice to it. It really isn't that hard to be nice to your mac, is it?

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    Well, my school has 7 macs. 3 G3 iMacs. 2 G4 1Ghz 17" iMacs, 1 15" 700mhz G4 iMac and one G3 Yosemite Tower. They are all good computers. All mostly used for video editing(by my editing lackeys :cool: ) All are running 10.2.8 except for 2 which are running 9.2.2 i think. Trying to convince them to buy 10.3 so we can get a little more preformance out of these old suckers. Hell, iMovie is slow on all of them except for the 17" iMacs(my machines). Also, we got super lucky with these macs. Our School board thinks that we should stick to reality and not use macs because they are not pratical in the real world. HA! Shows what THEY know. Well, I'm gonna talk to the school board because they spend all this money on fixing our PCs and maybe we can get a few more macs. YAY! The high school I might go to has 19 G5s! 19! they have like 60 to 80 macs! with half of them G5s! The rest our just G4 towers and iMacs and Powerbooks. They are really nice. I might go to the not as nicely equipped school though just because of this girl that I REALLY am trying hard to get. Oh well, Love is better than a mac.

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    I think our school board has the same impression. It would be so cool if our school had 60-80 macs, instead of just two really old macs that are both in the range of 9-15 years old.

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    Norwood is a Mid-2010 15 inch MacBook Pro with 10.11.1.
    My college has 2 Mac labs with about 15 or 20 G4s that have 10.2.8. One of the Mac labs used to have 9-point-something, but they put new computers in there over the summer. It made me very happy.

    beret9987: Aw, that's so sweet that you're going after a girl. I hope you get together with her.
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    My school used to have two mac labs/one pc lab. They got rid of all the macs over the last few years and replaced them with 1.7 GHz P4 boxes w/Windows 2k and 2.8 Ghz P4's w/Windows XP. The only macs left are a 7200 in the physics lab and 8 233 r1 iMacs in the music room.

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