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    First College Par-tay!
    So tonight I went to my first COLLEGE party.

    Needless to say - I am no longer in the right state of MIND.

    TOMORROW when I get up - I will give you an update on how things went.



    G'night folks!

    no, that's all.

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    Haha, awesome. The best part would be if it wasn't YOU who typed that, but a female counterpart...

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    Heh...yeah....that would be pretty first college party-like.

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    so the morning after, (12:30pm) I've desocoverd that when I am drunk* I use excessive caps. It's a lot of fun, really...
    so if I ever post something and like, there are strange words capitalized, that means I am drunk*

    *not actually drunk

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    I noticed you typed in caps on AIM to me last night... heh.

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