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    Trouble Room mates
    so my first year at college, (where I am presently) I have found many things to be very pleasent - my first math class was 2 minutes long - I've met loads of new people - no parents - ect. ect.

    However, my room mate is...a source of annoyance. I have come to believe that he spends every waking moment online looking content?
    Now, do I KNOW he's going to do this? Yes. Do I wish he'd save it for when I'm not in the room? VERY MUCH SO. UGH!

    So when he isn't choking the chicken, he's telling me how great it is to be Jewish. Now don't get me wrong - One of my best friends is Jewish...but this little toad stool is really starting to get on my nerves.

    So help me feel better by telling me about your troublesome room mate from college!

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    Well start looking for a new roommate, that unnecessary stress doesn't help

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    I'm not sure if I can....I think I'll bring it up to him tonight.

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    Just talk to him man...

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    Wow that sucks. I have 3 roommates and they are all awesome this year. We have the best room setup in the dorm by far. 2 tvs and 4 fridges and 2 futons. Our room is packed with stuff but we love it
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    Wow, Icarus, that's really unfortunate.

    I had a wonderful roomie freshman year, and I think it worked because we were always talking to each other about everything.

    I know it sounds doofy, but communication is key, especially with roomies. Set aside some time to talk to your roomie and work things out. Just make sure you use a lot of "I" statements and don't make any accusations.
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    Who cares if he's looking at porn, as long as he doesn't whip out his wang in front of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gort
    Who cares if he's looking at porn, as long as he doesn't whip out his wang in front of you.
    I vote sexual Harrasment if he whips it out.

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    he's gotten better. Now he's just 90 lbs. He's TINY!!!! he's like 90 pounds!

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    I had a roomie freshman year that used to have sex with her boyfriend while I was in the room! To top it off, she would leave her covers pulled back the next day to expedite the drying of the "wet spot." ICKY. She dropped out of school after a month, but it was nasty while it lasted. I feel for you.

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